Kondo Litchmore, PhD, MBA in Information Technology

Independent IT Contractor focusing on Research, Architecture and Implementation

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Dr. Litchmore Biography

Dr. Kondo Litchmore is a 18 years expert focusing on all different facet of information technology. Dr. Litchmore focused on software engineering, web development, system engineering, network and system security, database architecture, scholarly research and IT management.

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IT Architect

Extensive experience in IT. Dr. Litchmore can help evaluate your business needs and architect the ideal IT solution. Dr. Litchmore has served as a IT manager, system engineer, CIS professor and many more IT positions fitting to provide unique and excellent recommendations.


Available for training to any organizations interesting in Agile development. Dr. Litchmore has spent the last five years researching and applying agile to software development projects. Dr. Litchmore brings to your company many years of scholarly-practical experience in agile development.


Dr. Litchmore completed his dissertation on success agile development project. He is in the process of developing a book for IT managers to understand the key factors contributing agile project success. If you need a partner to further research on agile that will add to the body of knowledge, send Dr. Litchmore an email.

Web Engineer

Dr. Litchmore has over 18 years of system engineering experience. He has worked on intranet, internet, ecommerce sites and enterprise-wide applications for private and government organizations with experience leading different types of IT groups (IT System, Development, Engineering and Databases). Send Dr. Litchmore an email about your business and your IT business needs.

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